Friday, July 15, 2011

Not much sewing

Not much sewing going on here. It took me two days to sort out all the I Spy squares and cut some 10 1/2 inch squares from some of the fabric to make pieced backs. I bagged up sets of squares in Ziploc bags and it is all packed up nice and neat in the zippered bag it was in.  I would show it  but my camera died on me yesterday. I am looking for a new one on Amazon; I like shopping on Amazon so I can read the reviews and also the specs. Shopping in the store is never very satisfactory anymore; the people helping me decide what to buy often don't know the answers to my questions. When we get ourselves together in an hour or so we will probably go out and  have an "in person" look. I really would  like to have a camera tomorrow for our Zentangle play day.

We went to the arboretum after dinner yesterday, we walked around the pond, we counted the frogs and then I walked a mile.  I took this photo before my camera died. These are Bear's Breeches and they usually stand up nice and straight but here they look like something or someone sat on them. I have been watching them for over a month as they slowly get ready to  come into full bloom. They are interesting flowers that look good for a long time.

This is an earlier photo of part of the pond that we walk around. Actually the area is called the Butterfly Garden. there are flowers everywhere and something new opening up every day. Lots if inspiration all around.

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