Saturday, July 23, 2011

On the other hand

Yesterday was another hot day that left me wilted. We went to the Y to walk and work out and it was nice and cool there but I still felt wiped out. The tree in front of our apt makes the AC work much more efficiently than the other apartment and I appreciate being able to feel comfortable but I hate to have it on all the time. It bothers my sinuses after a while.  I had printed my right hand sketch and was all ready to work on but just couldn't get up the enthusiasm to do it. After we had a short thunderstorm around dinner time it  cooled off and I perked up. I layered up and started quilting it and I finished it up today. I am going to hang them both on the wall above my desk.

Here it is, crooked fingers and bumpy knuckles and all. I did this one the same way as the left hand except  I put in a layer of Warm and White cotton batting along with the Timtex and I used very light gray instead of white for the echo quilting. It makes the echo quilting show up better. I also did  a lot more quilting on the long lines on the right hand. I went veeeerrrryyyy slow using my walking foot.
Here they are side by side. I won't hang them this way because I should have paid attention to the orientation of the right hand sketch before I printed it. There really is no yellow cast to the background, they are more like the one above. I printed the right hand on an EQ fabric sheet and it is not quite so bright white as the PFD fabric that I soaked in Bubblejet Set and ironed on to freezer paper. I think I am going to have to take notes so that I won't have to start out every time as though I have never done this before.

I guess I will work on the iris next. I can't start the bigger one until I get more Wonder Under. I went to Joann's the other day and they were out of Wonder Under on the bolt. It was there when I first looked but the line at the cutting table was so so long I decided to get the other things I came for and when I went back it was gone. Oh well..........................................

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