Monday, August 29, 2011

Done with one

I am finished with the BOM sampler quilt, well, almost finished. I have the binding on and I have a little  bit of hand quilting left to do in a few  blocks. They need a little bit of quilting in areas I think are too large to leave unquilted so  I am dong some big stitch with embroidery floss. 
 I got the stitching done in the center of the Bridal Wreath block and I have  3 more leaves to do in the corners. I am going to do something in the center of the other lock but I haven't decided yet what it will be.
Maybe if the picture is enlarged the straight line quilting will show up in the sashing.

I decided on the border fabric for the Spiral Log Cabin quilt. The blue is  a little more aqua and the red is a little more rose in real life. I am not sure if I will use an inner border since the outer strips on every set of four blocks kind of forms a frame. I will think about it as I still  have some other things to do before I get to this one.

I decided that I will use those Picket Fence borders from my baskets for this all scrappy Disappearing Nine patch quilt. I am going to add  the borders after the body of the quilt and the borders are quilted which will  make it easier to wrestle through the machine. I think I will do the same with the Spiral Log cabin.
 I think that these few  things will keep me busy for a while. I don't anticipate finishing any other large things this year. I do have some smaller things to finish and maybe I will get to them. I have some more Zentangle ideas that I want to work on and I  will probably get some of those done started. Maybe one day I will get to  the Triple 4 patch blocks and the Quails Nest blocks and the 6 placemats I promised my granddaughter. Thinking about it all make me tired and I think I am ready for a nice nap.

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Madame Samm said...

YOUR quilting is stunning Ruth...I love the colors you chose..they blend very well..I love the ones below too..
I miss quilting...cannot wait to return to my chair and stitch best mdm samm