Monday, August 22, 2011

A little guilt trip

A few years ago I bought 7 of these baskets to but on a shelf in my sewing room. They are about 6 1/2 inches deep and  the size of a magazine. I thought they would be good to hold current projects. In reality they were up too high for me to reach if I had my room set up for machine quilting and they were too high for me to see what was in them without getting them down. They did look pretty good on the shelf and gave the illusion of organization. Eventually I started using them for other things like video tapes, DVDs  and magazines in the living room where they are actually useful. I still have 4  of them in my sewing room. The shelf did not make it back up on the wall after our move last year so they are on the top of my bookcase where they still give the illusion of organization.

I'm not sure why I decided to look in the baskets but what I found was guilt, not what I was looking for. This was in the first basket. There are 50 Triple 4 patch blocks that I got  2 different times from my Friendship group, 25 Quails Nest blocks from last year from my Friendship Group, 20 blocks made from a Kaffe jelly roll and charm pack and a roll of border blocks made from Friendship blocks a few years ago.

Borders from Friendship HSTs
 I made these border blocks from 7 1/2 inch, half square triangle blocks that the Friendship group made for me.  I cut each block into 3  strips  which I mixed up and rearranged. I didn't use the border on the quilt I made it for because it looked like it belonged on a different quilt. Not a specific different quilt just not that quilt. I think I waited till it was my month to request blocks the next year and had them make me something different to use in the border.
We start making Friendship blocks again in September and I feel a little guilty having 4 years worth of blocks that I have not used. I will have to think  of something that won't add to the baskets.

This is from another basket It is an assortment of blocks that I used for a scrap class on using squares of scrap fabric in several specific sizes to make different block components. the rolled up fabric is several  sections of fabric the width of that  border roll so I think it was the backing for the border. I was adding the borders in the quilt as you go method so that must be what it is.
There is a basket of recent scraps and odds and end that I stuffed right back in the basket after I saw what it was. I was not ready to start going through it last night. There is another basket full of Ziploc bags that made sense when I put them in there and at a glance I can see that some still make sense and I hope they all make sense. I  am not getting into that one right now either. Neither of these really make me feel  guilty. They do make me question whether it is worth the trouble of saving them and moving them around every so often.

Then there is this pile of T shirt sections that I have cut out from about 25 or so of my grandson's T shirts. I have had them for over a year (maybe 2 years)and I really need to get this one done. I should figure out how much fusible interfacing I need,  go to Joann's and get it and get it done.  This one makes me feel more than a little guilt

This one makes me laugh. No guilt here. 

This box is sitting up on my closet shelf; I put that label on it 2 years ago. I am not going to look in this one right now either. I am trying to remember if I have ever gone back to old blocks and strip sets and made something with them. I know when I look at these I am going to think that I will use them for something and then I won't.

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