Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spiral Log Cabin Blocks

 The Block of the Month was the log cabin block for our group at church in July. I never did make
mine and then I saw a tutorial for a Spiral Log cabin block on Love Laugh Quilt.  I made 4 blocks yesterday and 4 more today. I might as well make a few while I have the 11/2 inch strip boxes down from the closet shelf. Right?  Hmmm I really have a lot of old strips cut and I would like to use them up. So...... I think I have the start of a quilt, not what I expected to be doing but I like to be spontaneous. The truth is that when I don't know what I want to do about something I am working on I start to straighten things up in my sewing room and that frequently leads to doing something with what I have on my shelves.

Here are my 8 blocks set 2 ways. I am not sure which setting I will use but I won't have to worry about that for a while. Not matter how you make them, Log Cabin blocks take time. I was a little quicker today because I took the time to cut my long strips to the sizes I need. It is a pretty easy block and Beth's tutorial is good but I can see that there is a lot of opportunity for me to get strips in the wrong place and blocks in the wrong rotation when I lay it all out.
 I will work on 4 blocks at a  time and I will not agonize over what strip to use for every log. The emphasis here is for me because I tend to get caught up in the need to make it perfect. I never achieve perfect but when it is all done I often think I got it just right.

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