Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Still more SLC

I have 16 more finished blocks since my last post. I had to do a lot of ripping and re sewing  because I put some strips in on the wrong side and didn't notice it right away. That happened when I decided that I could work on 8 blocks at a time in groups of 4 working with different size strips in each set of 4, do the laundry and start dinner. I really do know better than to take multitasking to that level. Now I am back to 4 blocks at a time and nothing else! I need to remember that when things are going along well it is because I am doing things in the way that I know works best for me.
I have 8 more blocks to go and I am focusing on getting a good balance of color. I seemed to be  getting a little  heavy on blue.

Option 2

I have been playing a little with the layout too. I wondered how it would look with 4 blocks that are dark on 3 outside strips next to 4 blocks that are light on 3 outside strips so that the dark and light strips would frame the sets of four blocks and make a subtle secondary  checkerboard patternbackground in the background, (option 2). Then I thought about how it might look if I made the sets of 4 blocks from blocks of the same color family,( option 3). Option 3 doesn't show up exactly how it would look because I do not have enough of the right kind of blocks  in any of the color families to do it this way. I think I like option 3 best but, this time. I  think I will go with option 2.  

Option 3

However....since I pulled a bunch of my carefully placed and oriented blocks off the wall to experiment I might as well go ahead and experiment with an on point setting too.
I think this is how a series is born. I can't make up my mind so I might as well make them all. Right??

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