Friday, September 16, 2011

Not on the list

I though my list would help me to focus on finishing some things but I have been playing with the Zentangle inspired stuff.
When we were at our retreat I started a heart that I fused with black and white fabric patches on a doodle looking background. I put the border on it at the retreat and I quilted it when I got home. Then I doodled another heart the same size and shape and I am ready to put the borders on it and quilt it.

But..... first I drew some circles on paper then I copied one on cloth. This one is just on paper and has a lot of pencil lines that I redrew in ink. I think I will redo this on cloth and cut around it and fuse it to a black background. I find that when I do a practice piece on paper, if I try to copy it exactly, I get something too large or too small or out of balance. From now on I am going to work  mostly on cloth and just do rough sketches or practice new motifs on paper.
I took some more photos of the other circles I did but my computer balked at downloading the pictures and my camera told me that my memory card is defective. This is no surprise as ever since I started using it I have been having problems. I will try again with a different memory card. What I am surprised about it how much I like working in black and white because color is really important to me. On the other hand I have made a lot of black and white quilts and a lot of quilts with black backgrounds. They usually live in my closet or cedar chest because they don't really work well with everything else in the house. However I have to really like them or I would not put myself through the frustration of working on black with my old eyes.

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