Monday, September 5, 2011

The pencils won

The pencils won out over the table runner in my decision of what to do next.
I didn't have enough Warm and Natural batting to do the table runner and the pencils were right there waiting for me to play with them.

Back of the front section

Fish  5 x 7

I used the watercolor pencils to color the background so it would look like water and then drew my fish with a Pigma pen. I layered the fish and the batting and quilted it. I put borders around it to frame the fish then layered it right sides together and turned it. The second picture shows what is inside never to be seen. I make my back in 2 pieces and leave an opening for turning because I find it easier to close that opening than trying to make it look right on the edge. On something this small I use a piece of fusible web to close the opening. 
Below is the inside and the front of the other little piece I made. It is not really a Zentangle but I wanted to experiment with the pencils and also quilting on the fine lines. I learned that if I am going over my quilting lines a second time rayon thread is likely to break so I switched to Trilobal polyester and there was no more breakage.
Flowers 5 x 6 1/2

Inside of flowers
  I learned also that if I am going around a tight curve I need to shorten my stitches by about half of what I usually use for a smoother line.
When I finished these I went out to Joann's and got the batting I need to finish the table runners.

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