Monday, October 17, 2011


I decided to piece Piano Key borders for my DNP quilt and my Spiral Log Cabin quilt. After all, I just straightened up my sewing room and cleaned off all horizontal surfaces. Isn't that when you are supposed to drag out boxes of various size strips, none of which are sorted in any kind of order, so that you can make a huge mess again.
These are 3 of the 5 boxes I dragged out. They are sorted in boxes of  1 1/2 or  2 inch wide strips but they are all different lengths. the boxes say light or dark but it looks to me like there are more medium value strips than light or dark in the boxes. that really doesn't matter to me for these borders as  I am just putting strips together randomly. I am trying to sew strip sets that I can cut into 2 or 3 - 6 1/2 inch lengths.  I want 4 or 5 strips before I cut them into the smaller segments and then I will add some of the short strips  in between the units when I put them together. I am  mixing up the widths randomly also. That way when I make them fit the quilt I will only have  to take up one  or two seams instead  of a bunch of them.

6 1/2 inch segments
Strip Sets
This is the other thing I have been playing with. I bought this round papier mache box a long time ago (maybe more than 10 years ago). It is 10 inches high and it is 9 inches in diameter. I painted it off white and I planned to do something to decorate it but I can't even remember what that was. I stored some seasonal  decorations in it I came across it when I cleaned a  closet last week and  decided I need the space more than I needed what I  was storing.  It sat on a table in my sewing room and it struck me that maybe I could doodle all over it. I had been practicing some of the things from a book and things I saw on line. I did the top first and realised that it would not be so easy as my drawing tablets to work  on as it is  not nice and smooth like paper. Nevertheless I like the top. I also found out that I was not so good at drawing on a curved surface, especially a not so smooth one. I decided to go with one design. I'm still working on it. Like every other part of my body, my eyes get tired and I  have to give them a rest.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful. You inspire me. Kathy

Heidi said...

That is gorgeous!!!