Thursday, October 20, 2011


The piano key borders are taking a long time to make. I started on Monday and I only have 2 1/2 borders. 
I am randomly sewing strips together into 4 and 5 strips to a set and then cutting 6 1/2  inch segments from them and adding 1 or 2 strips before joining the sections. When I say random I don't mean I blindly pick up a strip and add it; I want it to have some relationship to the strip to which I am add it. Sometimes I have something in there that doesn't seem to bear any relationship to any set of strips and that is OK, it helps keep the appearance random. Random, to me, means no set pattern, just personal choice. I am putting 2 inch strips in there randomly, most of the time when I join a set to another.

EQ 7 Version

This is the Electric Quilt version of how I will  use the borders. I am going to quilt this in sections by quilting the body of the quilt first and then adding the quilted borders. For that reason I decided to make long horizontal borders instead of adding corner blocks in the border. I can put  2 1/2 inch strips on the ends of the borders to I can be sure I can make them fit exactly. When you add the borders after quilting there is no easing them to fit or making adjustments in the center. I enjoy putting the strips together and seeing  the interaction of the color and pattern. This kind of border is not for someone who wants a more orderly border or to see a nice neat pattern develope but it works for me. A bonus is that I am using up some of my strips that have been hanging around forever. I might make this kind of border for the  all scrappy DNP as well. Maybe when I put it all away again there won't be so much left that I can't put it away in some sort of order. (this is probably delusional thinking). 
I spent a  lot of time this morning trying to figure out how to convert this EQ bitmap file into a jpg file. I hope I remember how I did it.

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