Monday, October 31, 2011

Friendship blocks

Our Friendship block exchange group meets tomorrow evening. Last month was my month to present a block for everyone to make for me. I will be getting them tomorrow, always fun.
I made my blocks for the September presenter this week end. For some reason I just never thought about making them until everyone else brought out their blocks. I  did miss the meeting when she presented her block so that is my excuse' even though I  knew what she wanted as our friend Kathy always keeps us up to date when we miss.
  These are the  8 inch Triple 4 patch blocks I made. She requested 3 blocks, blue or boys prints. The quilt for be for a new grandson. I made an extra one because I don't like the one on the bottom.  The print was cute and colorful but it already had a patchwork look and cut up and pieced it looked like a mess to me. I made the one with the kids eating treats today and I like it better.
I always second guess myself with my Friendship blocks. It is hard for me to pick out fabric for someone else blocks. When I am following their guidelines for color I  think I frequently miss the mark. However, they are all nice ladies and if they aren't pleased with what they get they never complain.

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