Monday, December 26, 2011

The day after Christmas

Our Christmas eve and Christmas day were kind of low key.  Just church and dinner and no opening of presents. Following our church service yesterday there was a Birthday Party for the Newborn Baby Jesus; we had cupcakes coffee and tea and punch or something for the kids. We all brought birthday presents, packages of diapers, which will be given to local charities. There sure were a lot of diapers around the tree; I hope this will be a new tradition.

Around 6 PM we had part of our family at our house for dinner. There were 8 of us, our son and daughter in law and three of my grandchildren and one great grandson. The two young men who are brothers, my sons children and my granddaughter, who is one of my daughters children, and her 5 year old son.

 On Thursday our whole family will get together at our daughters to open presents.

Would you believe that I still  have to find one more Christmas present before Thursday?. Most of what I ordered from Amazon was just what I expected but there were a couple of things that did not seem age appropriate so I have one more thing to get before Thursday. We were already out this morning to get one present for our grandson who arrived yesterday from Missouri. We had no idea what to get him. When you haven't seen someone for 6 months it is not so easy.

Today is a beautiful, sunny, winter day and Jack is out for a ride on his  motorcycle. I am staying in where it is nice and warm and contemplating the culling and organization of my mish mash of fabric. More about this to follow.

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