Friday, December 2, 2011

It's starting to look like Christmas

I made some progress yesterday but it is not all finished. I did get the Christmas dishes out and put the hand painted China safely away. This is the shelf where I keep my Christmas dishes and the china that I change them out for. You can see the Chocolate pot in the middle with bubble wrap around it. The boxes hold more hand painted china. This is irreplaceable for me. My mother painted it when she was a young woman. When I put it away I always put a sign on the shelf in front of it so no one shoves something in there when they are putting something away. I am usually the only one who puts things away in this cabinet but a reminder doesn't hurt.

 This is pretty much as far as I got yesterday. I decided to keep the 12 Days of Christmas after all. There is an electrical outlet in the wall at about the level of the 8th day and this is the only Christmas wall hanging that is long enough to cover it. That is the dumbest place to put an outlet if you ask me. (obviously no one  did) I left one of my hand painted china plates on the top shelf  on the right side. It is too large to fit in the boxes from my Christmas dishes and I do not have a place to put it that I feel is really safe. Since it is red and green it fits right in.

 When I took the photo yesterday I didn't have my centerpiece out so I put my plant there for the pic. On the right is what I decided to use this year. I put a few things that I have sitting here and there other years together with a couple of candles . The little  china angel was  a gift from a friend for my December birthday almost 50 years ago. Mr and Mrs Santa and the taller angle are things I made when I made and sold cloth dolls at craft shows years ago when country decor was in. The little china trinket box is  hand painted and I bought it at a craft show, probably where I was selling my stuff.

This vase is one my son made in Cub Scouts when he was 9 years old. It is a Log cabin syrup bottle that was coated with glue and rolled in crushed egg shells and glitter. I use it every year somewhere; this year it is the bathroom.

Almost everything I have around at Christmas is something that friends or family have given me or something I made or that has special  memories from when or where I bought it.

Well I wondered what I was  going to do with all  those quilts and.......... I found places for everything and I need a few more. LOL
I need a long runner for my coffee table and mantle quilt for a long shelf in my living room. Maybe I need some pillows too.
Those things will have to wait till next year. I still have to finish cleaning and decorating the rest of the apartment and I have done no Christmas shopping yet. Today I am going to get an eye exam and get new glasses. Hmmm... maybe while I am waiting for my glasses I will see if I can find a sweater for myself.

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