Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh My Goodness

What am I going to do with all these quilts.

I got the bundle of quilts down from my closet shelf and put them all on the sofa and coffee table so I could see them and also photograph them.
The three on the back of the sofa and the 2 in front draped over the coffee table are wall  hangings. Draped on the right arm  of the sofa  is the  colorwash that I know I will use again on my table. (It is nice to know where a least one thing is going). Folded on the cushions are 3 larger quilts that are not big enough to use for a bed quilt but I can use them on top of my bed over something else. They cover the king size bed side to side and from the foot up to the pillows. I will probably use my sampler there this year.
Laying on the coffee table are an assortment of mug mats and 8 place mats( I am using my mug mats for my blog banner this month) . I made the mug mats last year and the place mats at least 10 years ago maybe even before that. There are 2 pillows on the left side,one is a dark green cover with a "belly band" around it. I made the cover last year to cover up a faded pillow that my husband uses in back of this neck when he watches TV.  I am not sure I will use the cover this year because I made a new cover from plaid strips and he likes it and he doesn't like me to mess around with his favorite stuff. The other pillow goes back a loooong  time. I had some motif squares from a Debbie Mumm fabric left from something; I added  some scraps and made a pillow.  

 Draped on the left arm of the sofa is one of nine Christmas Log Cabin quilts I made in 2000 for all my family members. You can see them all here. This one belonged to my Mother in law; she didn't put it away after Chrismas but left it out all year. When she went to  the nursing home she had it on her chair and used it as a lap quilt. It was washed many times at the nursing home and has held up well; there is only one dark green print that has faded so that the color doesn't look green anymore. 
This little Chrismas tree quilt is one that I made for her. It slips over one of those 8 x 10 lucite sign holder/picture frames. Her eyesight was failing and it was hard for her to make out details but she could see that this was a Christmas tree. It sat on her dresser. I made her several so she could have a change with the seasons and holidays. I knew I had the little tree quilt but I had  forgotten that I kept the the Log Cabin quilt after she  was gone.                 
The quilt above the sofa is not a Christmas quilt but the first  year it was up on the wall and some of my family saw it for the first time on Christmas Eve they  thought I made it just for Christmas.

I really do not have a place for all these quilts. I can put some of them over the backs of chairs and I will use the place mats and a few of the mug mats. I may give the 12 Days of Christmas wall hanging away. I made it last year  and I  used it but except for the border but it isn't something I pieced. Most of the other things I designed, some are hand quilted and there is more nostalgia associated with them. I am more inclined to use the older things that I have always used, just like I still have to put all the ornaments on the tree. Some of them go back 60 or more years from  before we were married.  When Jack talks about getting a smaller more manageable tree I think about how I will not be able to fit all the ornaments on the tree.
Oh well..... I was going to go shopping today for something new for me to wear but I have been everywhere looking already and even bought something and returned it and I know I am not going to find anything I want. No, it is not a case of nostalgia, wanting to wear the old things. I want something that is not old lady-ish but not something that would be more appropriate on my granddaughter. I have looked and right now what I want isn't there.
 So.... I will stay home and get out the Christmas dishes and put the quilts around and see how it goes.  More to come later.

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