Monday, December 5, 2011

Some blocks

I was up early this morning and got started on my blocks for the December Friendship Block. We meet tomorrow so I thought it best to get it done today. Laura gave us each 3 strips of the plainer fabric here and asked us to add 3 strips of our own pastel fabric and make 5 - 6 inch 9 patch blocks. This will be for a Project Linus community project quilt for her guild.  
After I finished the nine patch blocks I  made 3 blocks for a raffle  quilt for our guild. We were supplied with the packs of 5 inch squares of fabrics to make 9 inch Ohio Star blocks. One of our long time members passed away recently and her wish was that we use some of her fabric to make a raffle quilt and use the money to do something fun for the guild.
I would find it difficult to make an entire quilt with this color pallet as I  prefer something lighter and more colorful but it is very nice fabric and was easy to work with; all the points came together nicely. 
 When I stared quilting almost everything I made for a while was in shades of brown, rust and gold. there were not all the choices that we have today. Country decor was in and there were blue and mauve, red, white and blue and shades of brown and  gold. I guess there were peach and green as well. I  had nothing mauve, no blue, no green except for a green stain on the back of our cherry hutches so of course shades of brown it was. I have since graduated to a full rainbow of "favorite colors" and often reject brown. However........ I  have  put brownish borders on a number of scrappy quilts because it is the one fabric that didn't fight with everything else.
So.. after all I guess I don't really not like brown. Here are two brown wall  hangings  on my bulletin board. The cat quilt was a challenge quilt from our guild. Without looking we picked a crayon from a paper bag and had to use predominantly that color to  make a quilt. I moaned and groaned about tan. It is not my color; I never wear tan, but hey, I don't have to wear this. So I made it and I like it and it stays on my bulletin board most of the time.

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