Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another start

First block

I started a new quilt; I saw the Converging Corners quilt here at Film in the Fridge. It looks like too much fun to pass up so I am giving it a try. It is one of those quilts that you kind of have to figure out the sizes to cut for each block as you go along. I paid so much attention to the sizes to  cut that I was almost done with the second block before I realized that I made both corners the same and I want to make them different. I unsewed the last set of logs on one corner for the second block and added one different fabric I might do the same for the first block too.

second block

 I am making 12 inch blocks and I am using Kona Bone for the background. Most of the center blocks are from 2 Moda charm packs, Central Park and Fresh Squeezed. I have a few other squares cut from my stash that are a  good fit color wise. I was gong to stick with the  Citrus colors but decided to go with more variety as in my bathroom quilt but a bit heavier on the orange yellow and green.  I cut some strips and squares yesterday and I will have to take out  all  of my bright scraps from their zip lock bags and put them in the shoe boxes so I can maintain some sort of order. they are easier to stash away in the zip locks but  I found that the  shoe boxes work well when I am working with the strips. It is easier to control the disorder and it helps maintain my sanity.
This ought to satisfy my need to work with color for a while after all the black and white doodling.

On a more  personal note, today was our 60th anniversary. Sixty years is a long time but it doesn't really seem  that long. It makes me wonder how we got here so fast. I guess it's true that time flies when you are having fun. Yeah, we still have fun.

We went out to breakfast this morning because Jack said he wasn't going to cook on our anniversary. This evening our kids took us out to dinner. We had a very nice time; it is nice to spend time with just the adult children once in a while. I love seeing the great grand kids and am always up for a visit, anytime, but afterward you realize that no matter how many adults were there you never really had any adult conversation.

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