Saturday, February 11, 2012

Not much sewing going on.

There has not much sewing going on here most of the week. I have been having some more problems with vertigo and it has cramped my style.
Last Sunday I didn't get to church,  Tuesday I didn't get to Friendship group, Wednesday I didn't get to Bible study. Thursday I felt really good and my daughter came over and gave me a perm. About the time we  finished with the perm my friend Sue came for a visit and when we  were  sitting  and talking I turned my head and the room started to spin. Sue got more than she bargained for. Today I stayed home from our quilt group at church because I worried about getting there and having a problem. I have a doctors appointment Monday morning at 8. In between being dizzy and nauseated and sleeping I didn't get a whole lot  done. I was looking forward to some Quilt Along with Melody  I was particularly interested in trying some ferns like on her  Feb 7 post but that didn't happen.

 I did work  on this  little quilt and I finished it today after my second nap. It is for our supply of baby quilts at church. I really didn't like this very much when I was putting it together. The blue in the blocks is not quite so bright as it looks here and it just looked too bland to me but after I started to quilt it I began to like it. It is not the bright colors that I am usually drawn to but it is kind of sweet and restful. It has a sweet little Pooh Bear print in the bands between the rows of blocks and a different one from the same line on the back.  Sometimes it is a nice change to work with something that someone else picked out. 
So this is another finish for February. 

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kathyf said...

Ruth, you take care of yourself. The baby quilt is just wonderful and someone will be happy to have it.
Take care, we miss you,