Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Reading directions

I am not good at reading directions. My husband and daughter can read through directions and then do whatever it is they are directed to do. I read the directions and if I don't find out what I need in the first paragraph I start skimming through to find what I want (even when I don't know what it is I am looking for.) Eventually I come back and follow the directions step by step. However...... sometimes I miss the first  line.

This time I missed the line that said  "Colors: Teal, Black and Purple" and skipped right to the next line that said " Values: Two lights, one medium and three darks ( use any color for each value.) The any color was what I zeroed in on.  I spent a lot of time agonizing over colors, then over fabrics and I sewed strips together for the top one in the wrong order and cut the slices so I did it from scratch a second time. As you can see I got the last two rows sewed to the wrong side.
these are blocks for Friendship group tonight. The moral of this story is don't wait till the last day to do something because when it goes wrong there is no time to fix it. I am so far off the mark there is not way the would work out so I will do them over and get them right only, not today!


kathyf said...

Judy did the same thing. Together you will have the start of a nice scrap quilt.

kathyf said...

Did you know you will have to make 2 blocks for Lori and another 2 blocks for me?