Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Finish

It seemed like it was taking F O R E V E R to quilt all the wedges but I finally finished my tree skirt. I gave up for the day at 9 PM yesterday. Today, at 9 Am I though I might finish by noon, at 12:20 I thought I might finish by 1:00, at 12:40 I counted the seams still to be  quilted and thought maybe 2:00, and at 1:05 I was done. I guess I am not good at estimating how long it takes to do things.
Now it is time to find fault critique my work.
After agonizing for 2 minutes I went with very light gray for the ditch quilting; that worked out OK. I had red Kona cotton for the binding around the center edge but went with white because I thought it looked better, now I am not so sure.
I see an area on the lower right where I would like to see a few more of the wider red pieces. I also realized after I got it all quilted that I left off one of the narrow wedges at the end.  This really is a great pattern because it is very forgiving. I am still wondering if I should top stitch around the edge with red just above the Prairie Points and maybe on the white binding. It looks good as it is and doesn't need any more stitching to hold it together or to stabilize the edge.

There are come things I might do differently next time. I don't think I will  stitch around the edges and turn it. It makes it harder to get it smoothed out for quilting after it is turned. I would add the prairie points, along with the binding, after the quilting is done and turn the binding to the back like a facing. Oh, and add a few more red squares.
I like it and I will make the second one but I will finish some other things first.


Annie said...

Oh, Ruth, it's gorgeous! I've learned to take photos before sewing some stuff together because it's easier to see where I might want changes. But this tree skirt is rather a lot to lay it all out and photograph it first. With this design, once it's under the tree, you won't notice at all where you thought you might like to place certain fabric wedges. I too loved how forgiving this design is. I so love the prairie point edge!!! Well done, Ruth, well done!

kathyf said...

This quilt is a joy to behold. I can hardly wait to see the next circle piece.

Anonymous said...

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