Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Flimsy

My tree skirt is a flimsy and I really like it. I made it according to the instructions in the tutorial , though I was holding my breath until the last seam. All of my wide wedges were the same size but my narrow wedges were not all the same size and it came out right anyway.  Maybe if I were to applique this down it wouldn't come out flat but that is not what I am going to do anyway. 

When I bought the Moda Blitzen charm packs I really liked them in the quilt shop but, you know, it is hard to tell what they are really like when the have a paper strip  around them. When I got them home and opened them up I wasn't so sure I liked them after all; I didn't care so much for all the brown and blue green. I still  wasn't so sure when I sewed them into strips. After I started cutting I started to like it a lot and once I started  sewing the wedges together I began to love it. I think the colors make it contemporary and the busyness of the patchwork makes it look traditional. I had kept the wide wedges in order per the instructions and put the narrow wedges in where they seem to fit. Once I started sewing everything together I kept getting my pieces mixed up so this is even more random than random (is that really possible?). I used to worry about things like that and try to devise a method (for myself) to keep everything straight but after the second or third scrap quilt I gave up. If I can't tell what is "right" then who can say it's wrong.

I like it so much I bought another 4 Charm packs to make one for a Christmas gift and I bought a Blitzen Jelly Roll to make a Jelly Roll Race quilt. There was some talk of the Basement Divas doing an annual Jelly Roll Race in January. When I got an email that one my favorite local quilt shops, JEllen's, was having a half price sale on Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls and  charm packs, I went shopping. If the Divas decide not to have the race or if there are new rules and my Jelly Roll doesn't qualify I will make it anyway and either keep it or give it away.
I am thinking about how to finish this.
Would Prairie Points be over the top?


Lori said...

Beautiful! We'll definitely do anther race in January.

Annie said...

Oh, Ruth, I love, love, love your tree skirt! Those Blitzen packs blend wonderfully. You did a great job with it. It seems to be a very forgiving pattern as I have proven and as you have proven as well. I don't think prairie points would be over the top at all. Thanks for showing me your beautiful tree skirt!