Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I have things in my sewing room back in order and there is a lot less to make a mess with. I not only purged my sewing room(closet, drawers, boxes, bookcase, etc), I did the same to my hall closet, my linen closet and our coat closet and our storage locker. Every time we went out we took a bunch of stuff down to the trash room. Jack has been busy in his garage cleaning and getting rid of junk since he took my other metal shelf unit out there.

I did some machine quilting today on this little Zentangle inspired piece. It will be about 11 x 14 after I trim it down a little. I had layered it with batting and quilted the bird with black thread over most of the lines a few weeks ago. I wanted to add some vegetation and I was hesitant to draw anything and chance messing it up after all the work stitching it. This piece has a few problems due to the interfacing I fused to the yellow fabric, not the best idea I ever had. This is not going to be a master piece by any stretch of the imagination so I threw caution to the winds and drew 2 plants and quilted them. Them I layered the piece with the backing and went around the outline of the bird and the plants again with black thread to anchor the whole thing together and then I added some free motion grass. I am  quilting the background with a matching yellow thread with a kind of echo quilting. I quit for the day while I contemplate whether or not to take out some of the yellow stitching that is not so red hot; I think I might make it worse if I do. Whatever I do I should finish this tomorrow.

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