Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Frenzy fizzle

 It was not a true finishing frenzy. I am still working on finishing and I have finished the quilting on the red, white and blue piece but I am giving it a rest while I contemplate what to do next.
 I had opted for no borders just a binding with faux piping. Now I am thinking about adding a 2 inch border. there is enough space to sew that all around. I am also thinking about embellishments so I will work on something else while I have it up on the wall to look at.

Our Friendship  group met last night and I picked up the ruler I am borrowing and I was really eager to get started cutting. I am not very good at following directions, even when they are very good, however I looked at the tutorial  and cut one wedge and then i read the instructions again and cut another wedge and then I put the rows of sewn squares from one charm pack in order on a foam core design board and cleaned up my space and put things away that I am not using right now. I made a nice clean space to work; then I called it a night.

This is what I have so far. I thought I would get more cutting done today but I had other things to do.
Today is Jack's birthday; his big birthday party  is in 2 weeks but Wednesday is the day our grandson comes to dinner and today one of our granddaughter's and her 5 year old son and our son were also coming.  I had to shop for groceries and of course a cake among a bunch of other things  to get ready. I finally got the dishes done and everything put away about 9PM so no more sewing today. Tomorrow looks good for sewing.
By the way the Birthday Boy celebrated his 80th birthday with a nice afternoon motorcycle ride.  


Lori said...

Happy birthday to Jack. Sorry we'll miss you on the 18th.

straythreads said...

really like the RWB pinwheels and the quilting is perfect. are the stripes printed or pieced? Love it!!