Thursday, August 16, 2012


I may not finish this today but I am making progress. As I expected, I didn't get back to my tree skirt after dinner but I got back to it first thing this morning. 

I  wasn't sure how I wanted to proceed. I  thought that maybe I should not have stitched the Prairie Points on until after I layered it and quilted it. I knew I did not want to unsew them but I couldn't decide  what to do next.
I woke up early and dozed off a few times and each time I woke up I  was thinking about a different solution.

In the end I layered the backing and the top and pinned all around the edges and stitched it and then cut away the excess backing. Next, I layered it with the batting on the bottom, then backing and finally top on the top ( makes sense, top on top, right) so I could stitch exactly 3/8 inch along the edge. I stitched  the straight sides where they meet, leaving one open in the center for turning. Finally, I stitched around the center circle even though I will trim it and bind it after the quilting. The Prairie Points made it easy to work out the edge and press it, all I had to do was pull on the points.
As I was working this morning I was telling myself that the next time I will put the whole thing together differently. I hate not knowing if something is going to work. If I found that it looked really bad after I turned it and pressed it I wasn't sure I would ever finish it. It looks good and I think after I quilt it and trim the center hole and bind it that it will look even better.
Now lets see,
Maybe I can start agonizing over what thread to use to quilt it.


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Ah, such agonizing decisions! lol I love, love, love it with the prairie points!