Friday, August 3, 2012

Tree Skirt start

I picked up 4 Moda charm packs of Blitzen by Basic Gray. I thought maybe I would use fat quarters and some greens and reds from my own stash but in the end I decided to go with the charm packs. I almost bought a Layer Cake but why not use charm packs and skip that cutting step.

Sorted charms

Working with one pack at a time, I arranged them on my table  in 8 rows of 5 charms each. The packs were all nicely separated more or less into 5 colorways; what I called white for my purposes was light with white background. A few of those I slipped into another color category for arranging. 

Sewed in rows

This isn't exactly random but I wanted one each of red, green, brown,white and blue green in every row. I just picked up the top charm in each pile and put in the next space. I have not yet decided if I will follow Annie's tutorial using the narrow wedge cuts or if I will add one more fabric for all alternate wedges.

I like hers just the way it is but I am concerned over my own accuracy and whether or not I will get the same results.

If I add one more fabric for alternate wedges I will have enough wedges for 2 tree skirts. One could be a gift.............. hmmm; this required more thought. If I make one as a gift, will I have to make 5 more? If I don't use the narrow wedges that would be a lot of waste. I know myself and how I think about waste; I would likely decide to use those strips somehow anyway. I have time to decide; I still have two more packs all sorted and ready to sew into rows. I am borrowing a long wedge ruler and I won't get it until Tuesday.
We'll see!

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