Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hutch mats

I cleaned up the leftover from the place mats and found so brown strips that I had dragged out looking for possible  binding before I bought more orange  fabric for  binding. I decided I  would make 2 fall mats/runners? for my small hutches. They are 15 x 25 bigger than a place mat and smaller than runner; I guess they are hutch mats. I often put bread baskets, salad bowls, desserts, etc. here and I like to have something under them. I have something for Christmas, spring and summer and never got around to making anything for fall. It took me all day by the time I decided what fabrics I wanted and cut and auditioned each and every strip.  I am happy to finally have fall hutch mats.

When I was putting everything away I started thinking that maybe I should use the little bit of left over pumpkin fabric to make a snack mat for my great grandson. He and his mom live across the street and sometimes he is here after school; he is always ready for a snack.
Can you tell I do not have another project to start on? I am rolling the next Diva challenge around  in my mind but not ready to start and there is nothing else I want to do right now.

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straythreads said...

Love those fabrics with the wood, they just melt together.