Sunday, September 23, 2012

Place mat Backs

 I finally finished up  hand stitching the binding on the back of the "Take Four" place mats; that was a lot of hand stitching. If I had given it more thought I might have sewed it first on the back and turned it to the front to finish on the machine. Once I did the first 2 I just kept going and did them all the same. They look good and now that they are finished I am happy I did the hand stitching.  These are the backs of the mats for my granddaughters. I made 2 each of these for one of them and 2 with the pumpkins for the other one; the fronts were all from the take 4 pattern.

These are the front and back of the two that I made for my daughter with the leftovers. I had cut orange for the binding but decided on the green. I think that it was a better choice.

I have three 2 1/2 inch orange strips left over  and a little of everything else. I am putting it with my scraps where someday I will be happy to have them. Right now I am tired of them and want to work with something else. I know my daughter will like hers and I am pretty sure about one granddaughter too but I am hoping the other one will not be disappointed with the colors.

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