Monday, October 22, 2012

Some blocks and a finish

I finished up one  set of Friendship blocks this morning; they are due November 6 so I am early and feeling good about that. Judy is making  quilts for 3 neighbor children who will be moving away. She asked for 8 inch blocks made with 2 1/2 inch  black or white print strips around a 4 1/2 inch colorful kids print. She asked for 2 or 3 blocks. I wasn't sure whether she meant 2 or 3 blocks for each quilt or just 2 or three blocks so I figured this time more is better and made 9. I still have another set of blocks for Friendship but I won't have to agonize over the fabric for those because Laura gave us the already cut fabric to use.

I  found some pastel striped fabric last week at Joann's that is just right for this baby quilt and I finished this up today. I don't hate it anymore. I keep forgetting that when everything is done and the binding is on the quilts always look better. This may not be is not my best quilt but it really isn't bad after all. Below is a close up of the binding;  if you look carefully and enlarge the photo, you may be able to see some of the quilting on the border and wide strips between the rows.

I feel like I should have accomplished more than I did today but at least I am getting a few things done. 

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