Saturday, December 8, 2012

Friends Quilt Together

Friends Quilt Together, our group at church, met today and it was a very productive day. We also had a lot of show and tell to start out with.
These first 3 quilts were made by Debbie and I think they are all gifts. She has been very busy.

From left to right here is a completed quilt from Betty for our "caring closet". The middle flimsy belongs to Cathy; the photos in the star centers are her grand  children and she will be keeping this one for herself .
On the right is Kim modeling her jacket that she made with a sweatshirt and a batik jellyroll.

These next 4 below are photos of what some of us were working on today.The top left is Betty's DNP flimsy; she bought it in today to pick out backing from our closet. Top right is the little baby quilt for our closet that Elaine was quilting today. Elaine also had a finished quilt for the closet but it got put away before I got a photo. The purple bordered quilt on the bottom is Kim's flimsy that she brought in today to layer up with what I think might be purple Minky. The bottom right is a quilt that Jamie, our newest quilter is working on; those are 3 fabrics from the Moda Blitzen collection. She is doing a good job.

On the left, are the blocks I have laid out to start sewing together. I just put them all down and then had some help tweaking the arrangement. It is now together in horizontal rows. these are blocks that the participants in Quilt Camp made this summer as they were learning to perfect their quarter inch. With a little help from squaring them up they worked out well. This quilt will be auctioned at the Youth Dinner Theater and auction in the spring.

On the right is a Christmas dress Dorine is making for one of her grand daughters.She couldn't hold it up to show because the skirt and bodice were not yet sewed together. She is making 3 little dresses and I am sure the little girls will be very happy with them.

 There were a few other things being worked on today but no pictures.  It was a very productive day.

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