Sunday, December 30, 2012

I like this house

I had other things I should have been doing today but I didn't. Instead, I worked on this house. It is finished except for a few threads that need to be buried; I always seem to miss a few even when I bury them as I go along.
I turned it pillow case style because I did not want any kind of binding. I added a pocket at the top (from the peak of the roof to where the roof joins the house) to insert something stiff if need be but I don't think I will need to put any thing there. I am just going to hand stitch some sort of hanging loop or ring at the peak of the roof.
I layered the top with just batting and I quilted in the ditch around every patch. after I added the backing (and the pocket)  and turned it I quilted again in the ditch enough to hold it together and keep it nice and flat. I like my inhabitants they inspired me to trim off the upper left side and make this a house. The house is 24 inches tall and the main part of the house is 17 inches wide just below the roof overhang. The house isn't perfectly square but I am not the least bit concerned about it.

 I can picture this hanging in a little girls room. I am thinking about little boys rooms and maybe big boys room. I think I will make more houses. I can picture sports stuff, cars, trucks, trains, robots, drums etc. I am not sure the 4 great grandsons would really appreciate bed quilts at this point  but I am almost sure they would like a house to hang in their room.

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kathyf said...

How beautiful. Leaving 2012 with a bang.