Sunday, January 6, 2013


Well here we are in 2013 and I am wondering how we got here so fast. I am also a bit surprised that here it is Jan 6 and I am writing my first post. I am not sure what I did with my time this past week but the only sewing I did was to oversee my great granddaughter sew. Grace and her brother Ethan came for a while on Friday evening and as soon as they were in the door Gracie wanted to sew. Last time she was here we made doll clothes.              
Right after dinner I got out a design board and a stack of charm squares from Connecting Threads and told her to lay them out they way she wanted them. I think she peeled them off the top and just put them up row by row. After she got the rows sewed together she was tired and wanted to quit so we are saving this for next time, whenever that will be. The kids came from Pittsburgh left right after school (a 3 hour drive) and so it was a long day.
After the sewing we got out some Origami papers and instructions and we all played with that until it was time to go.

Little by little, I have been putting everything back to normal. First I gathered up all the Christmas quilts and folded them and got them ready to put away, then I gathered up all the things that were on tables and shelves etc and my door wreath and put them away. Then I changed out the Christmas dishes in the hutches for the hand painted china. I would have gotten to the tree but put that off till after the kids were gone as that makes the biggest mess and takes the longest to put away.
I want to get to my jelly roll to prepare it for the 2nd Annual Basement Diva Jelly Roll Race. I have it sorted and ready to sew into one long strip and I want to get it done today so it is ready before the last minute.
I no longer make New Years resolutions but I have been reading on other blogs about setting goals for 2013; that sounds good much more positive.
Maybe next time I will post about my goals for 2013.

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