Sunday, January 27, 2013

Challenges and Frustrations

We have had a lot of electronic challenges in the past few weeks. It started with a new wireless router. Jack got it all connected and set up and it was working fine for him but I had trouble printing. I couldn't print anything from the internet with my desktop but I could from my laptop. We fussed around with the settings for days and finally got everything working right.

Wednesday our bedroom TV had a rolling picture with little or no color. Jack's computer is in the bedroom and he likes to have the TV on while he is at the computer so it was a really "Big Deal" that it wasn't working. The living room TV was OK but when Jack called the cable company they said it could be a weak signal as the bedroom TV is digital and the other is not and they receive 2 separate signals. They were going to send us a stronger signal, it sounds fishy to me but what do I know about anything. If they did, it didn't help. We didn't have time to go out and shop because we had to meet our great-grandsons school bus. Jack did a lot of research on line and went out Friday and picked up a new flat screen TV with more bells and whistles than the old one. All set up and working fine, everyone is happy.

Last Saturday I couldn't find my cell phone. I thought I had picked it up and we left home and went back for it when I didn't have it and I couldn't find it. I have looked and looked all week, in every purse and inside and under everything, in all the pockets in what I was wearing. Today I got a new phone and Jack spent more tan 2 very frustrating hours getting my number transferred and all of my 3000 minutes. It still bothered me that I couldn't find it as I knew I had it at home and didn't take it anywhere. I looked one more time, this time in the pocket of what I didn't wear last Saturday. Of course I found it, I had changed what I was wearing for something warmer after I had put the phone in my pocket. I would worry about dementia but honestly I have been this way all of my life. I just do things without paying attention to what I am doing and I can't remember where I put something because it didn't register in the first place.

I would tell you about the several frustrating days I have had trying to do something in Picasa but I will bore you with that another time.

I did get my triangle blocks finished and the pairs that have the matching point together and I am ready for the next step after I make some fabric decisions. This became a little tedious but it was not really frustrating.

I am still not ready to sew the borders on this Quilt Camp collaborative quilt. I bought the black fabric on the right and thought a narrow Kona bone border would work between the black multicolor border and the body of the quilt. Now I think the crayon fabric makes it too juvenile. We want it to have a wider appeal as it is going to go in an auction. Then I bought the other fabric on the left.  I don't think I like it. The background color is more a deep coral than either red or orange.I really wanted multicolor spots on black and I have looked several places and all of a sudden no one has any. I have seen some on line but after two mistakes I am not sure I want to order without seeing it and feeling it.
This is frustrating and is likely to result in having to buy larger new clothes.

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Cristina said...

Oh, I really like the triangle blocks! As for the cell phone, you might consider calling it from another phone, just to hear if is still in the house and where exactly in the house. It's a method we always use when we don't seem to find our cell phones, it's much easy this way instead of searching them for hours :-))). I have a friend who is very absent minded and she got a gift from someone who knows her well: a key holder which is able to whistle back if you whistle when you don't find the keys :-))).