Friday, January 25, 2013

No Sewing

No sewing going on in my sewing room for a couple of days. The last thing I sewed was Wednesday and that was to stitch 2 rows of very narrow zig zag stitches on either end of my daughter in law's scarf. That took about 5 minutes if I count the time it took to change the thread to match the scarf.

This is what I have been doing. I drew these with a black Pigma or Sharpie pen on white paper. I found that the Sharpie works better on paper than the Pigma though the Pigma is the only one so far that has been satisfactory for drawing on fabric. I scanned my drawings and started to play with them in Picassa.
 I really don't know what I am doing in Picassa. I have used it recently to upload my photos to the drop box when that was the only way I could get my photos into my blog. I don't know how to avoid getting my photos cropped in a way that cuts off part of the picture when I put them  in a collage. What I have here is OK but it is not the collage setting I really want as I have something in mind.
 Melody Johnson mentione4d using Picassa for put frames around photos and I explored a little and found out I could do a lot more things than I thought so maybe I should ready the manual  that I downloaded. If I need to buy a photo program I will but I have to do some homework first to make sure that if I buy something it will work for what I what I want.

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Cristina said...

I haven't visited your blog for a while and I see you have changed it a little. It looks wonderful! And those gorgeous flowers in the heading, oh! As for the heart drawings, well, just one word: splendid! Have a nice weekend!