Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snow Days

It is cold and snowing here again today in NE Ohio. We stayed in yesterday and are not going out again today. I just rattled around yesterday not doing much of anything and Jack spent the whole day shredding papers, bank statements and other like stuff that he had kept until he couldn't shut the drawer in his dresser. There are 5 bags of shredded paper to take to the paper collection dumpster at our church along with several bags of magazines and papers that I got together to take.

Today I did a little bit of sewing. I took apart my Jelly roll race quilt in 2 areas that bothered me because they were too bland the way the light and plain fabrics clumped together.

This photo was  taken Saturday right after we finished. You can see two areas that bothered me. 

Rearranged version

I took out a couple of seams and inserted about 5 rows that I had taken out in the middle of six bland rows that I took apart on one end. On the other end I took out 3 rows and added them to the end where I had already turned one section around. I  inserted a red strip where I had removed those rows.  I think that is what I did. I have a bunch of photos but I can't quite make out exactly how I rearranged things. I guess it is better but one end seems to have one big area of more pattern while the other end is more bland.

It is going to stay this way. I will quilt it and put a red binding on it and I will like it well enough. Jellyroll quilts are really fun to make for the race. No one expects them to be a masterpiece. Maybe Judy, our first place Diva will have a masterpiece; she has cut her quilt top up into Diamonds.

This is the other thing I did today. I found a little pack of pieces that were supposed to be for  3 different 6 inch blocks of the same fabrics. I am not sure if these were left over pieces from putting the packs together or what. The strips for the  churn dash blocks were not long enough and there seemed to be parts missing. I put together these from what was in there and I will  put them with like blocks in our church closet and maybe someday one of us will put another baby quilt together using them. That was the idea when I put the packs together but we have only put together 2 or 3 of these quilts.

I have a lot of things I could  be doing but I don't have backs for things that are ready to layer up and as Iam not going to venture out today they will have to wait.
Maybe I will have several "15 minutes of play" session and  make some fabric.

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Annie said...

Hi Ruth,

I think your race quilt has a lot more interest impact now! I quite like it the way you've rearranged it.