Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Finish

I finished one small thing this week,
this 25 inch square table topper. The center block is the Circle of Geese" Paper pieced block that we learned last week at our retreat. I was relieved when it all came together nicely with the Birds in the Air blocks I made a couple of weeks ago.

Most of the quilting is in the ditch with come echo type quilting in the center and straight lines in the birds and the air blocks where the non pieced side of the blocks comes together to make rows.
I backed it with a piece of fabric I cut from a cotton sheet. I have been rethinking my ideas about using sheets for backing. They are good quality cotton and they come in a variety of colors and prints. I see no reason to back something with $10 -$12 quilting fabric if it will hang on the wall or is meant to lay on a table with the back side down and not seen.

I am not making much progress on my Scrappy Trip around the World blocks. I am not sure why I am finding them tedious. It could be that I know I am stealing time from what needs to be done. 

When I get to this stage I begin to question my choices. this looks insipid to me. That second row from the bottom is a pale yellow green not yellow.

Once I get the block finished it has all come together much better.
I have only 4 finished blocks but I have 4 more that I have sewed in strips and sliced and unstitched and rearranged and ready to sew into blocks.

I think the sewing all the blocks in the same color order of blue,yellow, orange, yellow, green,  yellow, was a mistake. It is too predictable I am gong to mix it up a little more. I will still keep the long diagonal line in the blue color family,(blue, blue green, purple etc) and at least 2 yellow strips.  I think I will order some fat quarters to mix it up some more. I like a little surprise and even though I have a pretty good idea what the fabrics look like when I see them "in person" they are always a bit different.
Maybe tomorrow I will have my 8 finished  blocks to show.
Maybe not
Maybe I will have more.
We'll see!

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Cristina said...

Beautiful that table topper, just beautiful! I love the colors and the pattern also! :-)