Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another Heart

I have spent several  days on and off trying to get my printer to print in black. I  really liked this printer up until last week when it stopped printing black. Apparently this is a problem many people are having with their HP all in one printers. I have tried all the solutions put out there but still  no black printing. I guess the next step will be to have it serviced or buy a new printer. It will probably not be another HP as my last one lasted only a little over a year. I am just tired of the whole situation and I decided to give it a rest for now.
 I am almost never at a loss for something to get frustrated about so I turned my attention to finding the ingredients for some home made fixative solution  for printing on fabric. I have been looking for washing soda and finally found it and I mixed up my solution and soaked copy paper sized pieces of white fabric. While I have not been able to print black I have been able to print in color. I printed red hearts like the ones I sent to Spoonflower only a different  size.  Then I printed a couple of blue hearts. After waiting a day I rinsed the red ones and the color bled . It didn't all wash out and maybe it would not have redeposited if I had rinsed it longer.

 I decided that I would not rinse or wash the blue heart and I just went ahead and made something with it. This is 12 inches square and I used the left over fabric from my retreat project. I stitched over all the continuous lines and ended up feeling like I was almost blind.  I should have waited until tomorrow to finish up when I could do it in better light. There is a little quilting to do around the borders and then I will bind it.

If I want a large number of the same one or two  motifs I would order from Spoonflower again. But there are several reasons that I might want to print one of my zentangle inspired pieces from time to time instead of drawing on the fabric. I also like to print the labels for my quilts. I guess I will print a few more test pieces since I have the fabric treated but I think I will just buy a bottle of Bubble Jet Set. The last bottle I had lasted a long time.

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Cristina said...

Oh, I love these hearts! Beautiful!