Sunday, February 10, 2013

Friday and Saturday Retreat

Well our group from church didn't go out of town and we went home on Friday night to sleep in our own beds but we got together Friday evening for a pot luck dinner and then a paperpiecing lesson and we came back on Saturday to polish up our new skill. Everyone in our church group was there and some of us brought along a few friends. There were 15 of us when everyone was there.
We had a long distance member come to visit us on Saturday, Jamie, shown here with the big smile is a new bride. She got married last month on our quilt meeting day. We came in the morning to our meeting and then at the appointed time were walked down the hall to the sanctuary and went to the wedding ceremony and afterward to the Cupcake reception. Jamie came this weekend from New Jersey. Somehow they missed most of the bad weather and she made good progress on her rail fence quilt.
Most of these photos were taken late in the day on Saturday several of the ladies had already left. I was working diligently to finished my Circle of Geese and didn't realize some people were leaving until they were packed and ready to go so no photos of their projects. I see only one block that isn't finished here and she was soon to be finished. Some ladies had started a second block or some border blocks. Beth,in the top right of the photo below was quilting hers.

Everyone seems to have and idea or a plan for what they will do with their blocks and there was a long of enthusiasm.

I am not fast; I might be faster if I taped my mouth closed. My own personal  goal was to finish my Circle of Geese block and I would have been happy with that. However, I finished my block and I had enough time to add my Birds in the Air border blocks that I had made a week or 12 days ago. I think this top is finished and ready to layer and quilt. It is about 24 inches square and that is a good table topper size.
Mine does not have the  bold graphic look than most of the others have and is reminiscent of many of my quilts that I did during my color wash period.
I expect to see some finishes at our meeting next month so keep watching for them.


kathyf said...

What a great group of ladies. All so willing to learn and not to panic. Some great problem solvers as well. Thanks for having me.

Cristina said...

Well, you sure had a lovely time! I like the pictures and especially your quilt, I like the pattern and the colors you used. Beautiful!