Friday, March 29, 2013

A little light and some Friendship blocks

Wednesday Jack wanted to stop at Lowe's to get some cotter pins and I went in with him to have a look at the lamps. I  have been looking for a craft lamp for my sewing room. I am not sure what I want; I have thought about a floor lamp that I could move around when I reposition my sewing machine for what I am doing. The light in my room leaves a lot to be desired and an overhead light is not an option. I haven't yet found what I want but I did find something that I think will be useful.

This little purple LED lamp doesn't light up a large area but clamped on the shelf above my cutting table it gives me a lot more light than I had and seems just right.

This second photo  was taken without a flash and shows how well it lights up that small area.

I can bend it so it will light up the stitching area on my sewing machine and I could also clamp it on the right side of my sewing table and position the light to illuminate the stitching area. I tested it to see how it would work sewing black on black. It does a good job. It will be very helpful removing black stitching on black fabric. I can also move it across the room and clamp it on my bookcase if I want to use my cutting table on that side. It is small enough to take with me anywhere. For $15 it looks like a  winner, as long as it keeps on working.

Those little pieces on my cutting board are Friendship blocks, here they are finished. Maryann wanted 2 nine patch blocks and 2 snowball blocks. They are 3 inch blocks and she supplied all the colored squares already cut and a 1.5 inch strip of the tan background. I whined more than usual when someone gives us the fabric they want us to use. Because the piecses are so small I was sure I would mess up and then I couldn't make more and Maryann is very precise; her work defines precise. Not to worry, they came out 3 1/2 inches right on the button.

This month there were 2 people  presenting blocks for us to make. These half log cabin blocks are for Susie. Susie wanted either a corner square or a set of strips from black and white print fabric. These are supposed to have 3 or 4 rounds of logs. I was busy working along and when I got to the 4th set of logs it dawned on me that I was not going to make 8 1/2 inches without another set of logs. Maybe no one will notice. Maybe I can just sneak them in the pile of blocks and no one will know it was me. Maybe it won't matter. Susie is Maryann's sister; maybe it will matter.


Susie said...

Not a problem if you needed another round to make it to 8.5". Blocks look good and I know they are yours now!

Lori said...

Nice blocks, Ruth!