Sunday, March 17, 2013

Black on Black

I am giving my eyes a real workout. I am hand stitching the mostly black binding on a quilt with a mostly black backing. The other thing I am doing is machine quilting with black thread on my black and white and red challenge piece.

This photo below was taken when I was starting to sew the pieces together in rows (you can see my thread catchers on the ends of my rows at the top). I can't find a photo of the whole thing after it is together.

I am starting to ditch stitch to outline the large diamonds and the black star points. I am not sure what I will do after that but it will probably be straight line stitching, maybe echo stitching. I didn't have a real plan to start out and it is evolving as it go.

When I don't have a plan sometimes it is best to just start with something that I know I will do and then let things take its course. So far it is going well but eye strain comes pretty quickly and going back to the black on black binding doesn't work as a way to rest my eyes and neither is working on the computer to post.
I guess I could do some cleaning but
it is Sunday (a day of rest) after all
 so maybe I should take a nap.
Works for me!

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