Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Friendship blocks

While I was waiting for my last load of laundry to finish I made this months blocks for the Friendship group. Gwen gave us all the fabric squares cut to size for her blocks so they went together quickly. It's  a good thing because they are due tomorrow. This is flannel fabric and was so nice to put together; when you line up the pieces the flannel stays in place and doesn't shift. I had forgotten that because it has been a long time since I made a flannel quilt.

While I was doing the laundry Jack decided that it would be a good time to clean out our storage  locker which is in the laundry room. It made sense to do it while I was using the laundry room as we had our stuff all over the room.  I don't think it would go over well if someone else wanted to wash clothes while we were cleaning  our locker. We got rid of our old very heavy Christmas tree in a very large box and several  large boxes which  Jack had kept in case we wanted to return one of our computers or printers. All of those computers and printers that came in the boxes are long gone.To be fair only one of those boxes was completely empty but none of them were full and we consolidated things we want to keep (for a while anyway).

We are both tired. This is the second day in a row of doing things that wear us out. Yesterday we shopped for groceries and a new printer. I have been fussing around with my printer trying to make it print black and after exhausting all the possible  fixes  I was going to order one from Amazon. They had what I wanted at Office Max which is right next to the grocery store so we decided to look at it there. We weren't sure so we took our groc eries hoe and put I them away. That is usually enough for one day but i think Jack was getting tired of my printer problems so we went out  looked around at some other models in other places and went back to Offic Max and bought it. When we opened the box there was no packing material in the box; everything was just in there loose and the ink cartridges were installed. I am sure it was used for a floor model because of some of the stickers on it.  So back it went and we got one that you could see from the cut out for picking it up that it had the wrapping and packing material intact. After all that I fixed dinner and I was almost too tired to eat let alone go out again.
It seems not so long ago that I could work all day, come home and do laundry, and go out after dinner to a meeting or shopping.  I can't do 3 things in one day anymore and I try to plan so  it doesn't happen.
Tomorrow I am doing
nothing till after dinner
 when I go to Friendship.

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