Thursday, March 28, 2013

Many Trips postponed

I thought I would get back to my scrappy trips quilt and get the top put together; however, that didn't happen. As I was looking at it up on the wall with the blocks sewed into pairs I realized that there was not going to be enough take up in the seams to account make up for so much difference between the width and length. Without borders it would be 48 x 72. If I put 6 inch borders on it would be 60 x 84. I can't think what  might be an appropriate use for that size. This is really the width of the quilt on the wall because that is the best way for me to get it up there without a ladder.

Twelve more blocks would make a square quilt 72 x 72 w/o borders and 84 inches square with borders. In working out the layout so the pattern was even I wasn't paying attention to the dimensions. I am now rethinking the whole thing.

So this is where I am now. I took it off the wall and stacked it up 3 stacks  of  4 sets of blocks each. I pinned them and stuck a piece of masking tape on the top of each group so I would get them up back in order in case I want them as they are. If I make more blocks I want them to be interspersed with the ones I have already as I am going to use some other blue/purple blue green family fabrics for the diagonal  squares and I won't want them all in the same place. If I make this a large quilt I will also want to quilt it in sections.

This is getting complicated; I really like this palette but I don't want another big quilt and if I did I probably wouldn't use these colors. So...... I am stopping here and putting this on hold until I decide what to do.

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