Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Star points

I am nearly finished with the quilting on my challenge piece. I have 14 star points to go. 
This shows one star that is quilted. The quilting doesn't really show up much and I decided that was better than having it show up done poorly.

This next photo shows the twist thread on a practice piece. It really shows up but after doing some more practice pieces I was not happy with the way it looked. It was really hard to turn exactly at the point. I learned from experience that if I have to fix my stitching by ripping it out and resewing I often end up with something not a good as it was in the first place. Still I wanted to give it a try so I stitched two star points with the twist thread and neither of them looked good or even passable. I made my decision at that point and ripped the stitches out and went with the black thread. It really doesn't show up but it flattens out the start points so they don't look like I forgot to finish them.

 Soon I will have to begin to agonize over the binding. I do not want a border and I thought all along I would go with a solid black binding but I think not. It will  be either facing or a black and white stripe or black and white pieced so the fabric is the same as the fabric where it is stitched to the quilt.

Maybe it will be something else.
We'll see!

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