Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Another Tree Report etc.

I just can't resist documenting the changes in the maple tree. It has really been filling out these last two days. It will get more dense as the leaves get bigger and we will benefit from the shade in the afternoon when the days get hot. Today the sky is clear and blue and as the sun comes over our building the tree is casting a shadow over the yard to the west that reaches to the next building. No pics of the oak tree it is not catching up fast but when you look at the whole tree there is a green blush over the whole tree though not anything in the way of individual leaves.   I love spring.

I made another "To Boston with Love" flag. I missed the instructions for the width to cut the ties and cut it 2 1/2 inches instead of 1 1/2, rather typical of me. So that is a good excuse to make one that is more appropriate. A few of my friends have said they are making them to send with mine and I can't wait to see them.

As I was looking for my blue and white star fabric I found  more scraps in Ziplocs. I think when I am organizing from time to time I have an idea for a group of fabrics that are left over from something recent so I put them together in a Ziploc. When I come across them later I have lost the idea changed my mind so they need to go in with the general population of scraps. I should put the bags there in the first place instead of here and there so they would be available to use and at least a visible reminder of something I had intended.
I think I border on
being compulsive about order and neatness,
 not that you would know that
 from the disorder I create when I work.

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