Sunday, June 9, 2013

Birds of Ohio Challenge etc.

Our group from church met today and we had the revel of our challenge quilts from our Birds of Ohio challenge. Elaine printed up some photos from the Internet of birds that are native to Ohio and we blindly picked a photo from a bag to be our inspiration. We could interpret that any way we wanted. there was a size limit of 120 inches around the perimeter.

Five of us brought something to show today. Guess who forgot their quilt at home. I did however have a photo of it to show here.
Top row on the left is Kim and she picked two birds but decided to make only one quilt. Her birds were the Purple Finch and Black Throated Warbler; she use their colors for her inspiration. In the center is Kathy with her quilt inspired by the Blackburnian Warbler. Elaine, our challenge originator, is on the left with her Black Throated Green Warbler quilt.
 In the bottom row on the left is Dorine with her paper pieced Hummingbird. She enlarged the pattern on her computer and printed it. The original was a much smaller bird. In the center is Debbie's quilt. Her bird was a Red Breasted Nuthatch. As there is no red in the quilt, I am assuming that her inspiration for the birdhouses was perhaps their nesting habit. It is a fun quilt with pretty fabric and we were free to interpret our bird any way we wanted. The last quilt is mine that I forgot at home.  My bird was a Blue Winged Warbler. Kathy's and Debbie's quilts are still  at the flimsy point, Elaine's quilt is hand quilted and the others are machine quilted.

We had some other show and tell as well. Kathy has a beautiful quilt for a graduation gift that she has almost finished. I wish I had taken a close up of the fabrics because they don't show up well when  I enlarge the photo. the darker of the block fabric is zebras and the other has gnus and  either tigers or leopards or maybe both. The quilt on the right is a hand quilted baby quilt for Elaine's soon to be born grandson. The fabric is just too cute and she has made some other items from the fabric as well, including a darling bib with the monkey fabric in the center.

These are some blocks that Gail is working on for a Quilt of Valor. I am not sure of the size but they I think they are larger than 12 inches.

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