Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No Sewing

There has been no sewing here for at least a week. Jack decided he needed to change his computer desk so he would look down at his monitor instead of up. Looking up has caused him sinus problems and he had been working with one thing or another to work something out. He took one of my 2 ft. x 4 ft. cutting tables with the adjustable legs and lowered it and we spent 2 days moving things around. We weren't sure the table  would work out so he took mine to try and we will replace it.

Now I have a new addition to my sewing room. It was in the corner of our bedroom next to his desk where it would no long fit. I don't really mind having it but it requires some adjustment to everything else in my sewing space. That is the keyboard tray from his desk there against the wall. Our grandson is going to take the desk (soon I hope) and then I can get things arranged better.

We almost never move furniture but we have spent days moving things in the living room too. We also had to shop for a new smaller end table and lamp because we moved Jacks recliner a little bit at a different angle to make a little more room in the dining area. Now we won't have to move the recliner if we put the leaf in the table for company. There used to be a smaller easier to move chair in that place but Jack reclaimed his recliner and it had to be moved, why else but so it was closer to the TV. Of course one thing leads to another and I now want a small bookcase and a new coffee table. I am tired of shopping so it won't be this week.
I am ready to get back to some sewing.

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