Friday, June 7, 2013

Sorting, sewing, knitting

After we moved things around early this week I started working on my box of 2 inch log cabin strips. It was such a jumbled mess that anytime I though about making blocks I  decided to do something else instead. I dumped the whole box into a collapsible laundry hamper last week and I had been adding to it  as I was cleaning up.  I finally got busy making order???? out of chaos. I separated the lights mediums and darks and loosely separated the strips by length. It is better than what it was. then I had a bunch of 11/2 inch strips that had found there way into the mess and I sorted them out. I had a lot of red and blue strips and I thought I just need to make something with them right then and there.
Jack had taken my old printer a few months ago when it refused to print in black (it prints black for him, go figure) and it was on top of that chest that is now in my sewing room. Now it has to sit on his desk (formerly my cutting table) and he doesn't have a lot of room for all his stuff on his desk. so he set his lamp on the printer, along with that male essential, the remote. He didn't want to scratch to top of the printer so he was using this, which is one of many brand new knitted dishcloths.

As I was sorting out those red and blue strips inspiration struck. and I made him a mat. I didn't want to do a lot of fussing around with decisions about what strip to put next to another so I did it jelly roll race style. I just sewed odd lengths together end to end until I had 168 inches and folded the long strip  in half and sewed and folded and sewed etc. I layered it and sewed it pillowcase style and turned it.
Now I don't have to decide what to do with those strips and I have satisfied my need to sew something.
I am still not able to do much sewing. All this moving stuff around has left me with a bunch of stuff shoved into my sewing space until it can be put away (somewhere?) or picked up and taken away.
In the meantime I will work on finding places for the stuff that no longer has a designated home and I guess I will knit some more dish cloths. I think I like making them because I enjoy the colors and  the way the pattern falls together with the variegated yarn.

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