Thursday, June 20, 2013

Still Here

I have not fallen off the face of the earth; I have just been busy with other things. I have spent some time getting ready for Quilt Camp for the teens at our church and doing a few other things that are too uninteresting to mention. I wasn't able to go to our Basement Divas get together so no photos from there.
Ever since Jack took one of my tales to replace his desk and moved the narrow chest of drawers into my room, things in my sewing room have been in a mild uproar and that has taken my time. I am, and have been in the middle of a major reorganization and purge and declutter. Where in previous reorganizations attempts, I got rid of a few things and moved the rest of it around; this time I am filling up bag after bag of stuff to get rid of. It is going to take me another week to go through all the notebooks and boxes and magazine holders that are filled with papers from years and years of saving all my teaching handouts and revisions and instructions and warranties  for things I no longer own, etc., etc. Every once in a while I get my table cleaned off and carry the bags of papers to go to the paper dumpster and the garbage out to set next to our front door. Then I start in on something else and pile it all on the table again. Jack has been doing the same, going through years of saved bank statements and cancelled checks and old maps  etc that have been filling up drawers.

Well anyway, I am not going to post any pictures of the current mess but I don't want to be photo less so here is a photo of something I don't think I have ever posted.  I'm reaching back to 2006 for this one.

This 25 inch square wall hanging was for a guild challenge in 2006. We blindly picked a crayon out of a paper bag and had to make a quilt the was predominately that color; my color was tan. I would never have chosen to make a tan quilt. I did more than the usual complaining about the challenge but in the end I really like it.  However I have not made another tan quilt. The other color I never like to use is gray and it appears to be a very popular background or negative space color right now. I am probably going to end up sooner of later with a gray quilt and I will no doubt like it.

Quilt Camp starts Monday and I will probably post some photos but there will not be any sewing here for the rest of June. I should be back to sewing and finishing up some UFO's in July.

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