Monday, July 1, 2013

Almost Ready to Sew

I have been working away at decluttering and reorganizing every since Jack took one of my tables and gave me a tall narrow chest of drawers. I am hoping that this is the last big declutter and reorganization that I ever have to do. I have been brutal.
We got a 6 foot stock counter top from Lowes and Jack cut 6 inches off the end (with a handsaw) and fit it to the top of 2 of my short 4 drawer chests.
A friend  gave me 2 plastic drawer units that she was no longer using and they now fit under the counter top. we also replaced a 9 1/2 inch x 11feet shelf with a 12 inch by 6 inch shelf above the counter top.

 Because the counter top is deeper than the chests I have some space to hid things that I need to keep but use only once in a blue moon. toward the back between the sets of drawers is a doll bed piled with dolls and doll quilts that my grand kids play with when they visit. I need to keep that for a while yet.

This patched together photo collage below shows the entire 11ft. 5 inch wall  with my new counter top cutting space and my desk space. The counter tops do not match; for about 15 seconds I considered buying one to match to replace the desk. I let it go, I am just really pleased to have a cleaner, neater space. The new counter top replaces a 4 ft. Lifetime adjustable height table and a 2 x 4 adjustable height tray table that I couldn't have the same height because they wouldn't fit a long unless they could over lap.
One thing we can't do much about is the lighting, hence the cords allover the  place. Jack is going to put an under cabinet light stick over the cutting area and I am going to get an Ott light with an adjustable arm to put on the right side of my sewing table.
And that
do it!

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