Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Jack said he needed to get out for a ride on his motorcycle as he was exhibiting signs of withdrawal. I knew exactly what he  meant. It has been many days since I have done any sewing/quilting and I was getting shaky.

I had the scrappy trips blocks sewed in to section of 8 blocks and for once I understood the way I had then stacked when I last took them off the wall. I had pinned the vertical rows together and labeled them left, center and right. I put them back up on the wall just to be sure and then I sewed them together. I got Jack to hold it up for me to take a pic before he went out for his ride; he was fairly cheerful about it. I told him if he held it up I wouldn't have to get up on a ladder to put it up on the wall.

It is not quite a flimsy; I have to add make the borders but I am feeling much better today.

At this point it is 48 x 72, a bit long and narrow. I really don't want to make more blocks; it would take 12 more to complete a pattern and would make the quilt square and it would end up bigger than I want.
So.............. I think I will make the side borders 6 inches and the top and bottom 4 inches (maybe). I am going to quilt the body of the quilt before I add the borders.

 I will see
 how it goes.

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