Sunday, July 28, 2013

What do you do when you are bored?

Believe it or not, I clean when I'm bored which is probably why my housekeeping is sporadic. I am seldom really bored but today the only thing  I really wanted to do was make buttonholes for a shirt I just made. In spite of having recently sorted and put in order a large shoe box full of  buttons I did not have enough of any one kind of white buttons. I am not driving right now so I had to wait for Jack who was out on his bike.
So, I cleaned my sewing  machine. First I cleaned the inside and it was really linty. Then I cleaned the outside; first I dusted it, then I noticed that there were ink marks from holding my Pigma pen while I was doing something around my machine, then I noticed that the spool holders were all gunked up with the adhesive from the thread spools and they were all dirty looking from the black ink on the labels. I used some Mr. Clean to get that all off. Well then, my sewing table didn't look so red hot either. It is showing it's age but it is still solid and it is the right size for my space so I cleaned it up.

I had clear package tape covering lines I drew as guides for making HST's without marking diagonal lines on squares. I removed the tape that was getting ratty looking and cleaned off the sticky residue and drew new darker lines and covered them again with clean tape.
I also cleaned all the thread from my pincushions and from the attached bag for all the extra shreds and threads. Those sand filled  pincushions with the little bags attached don't stay put on my sewing table so I tape it down with masking tape. I removed the old blue painters tape and cut 2 neat strips of light tan tape, much better!
By the time I got all that done Jack came back from his ride and we went to Joann's for buttons and I took advantage of my 70% off entire notions wall coupon. This is what I got for $13.88

Buttons are not considered notions; even though they are in the same aisle with all the other notions with a big sign (hanging right over the buttons ) that says sewing notions. Never mind, I needed the buttons and they are really inexpensive for what I wanted. In fact, after I picked out 2 cards that I wanted I found another bag of 130 buttons and they were so cheap inexpensive that I bought them as well.
I could do a little more cleaning
but I am no longer bored
so it will have to wait for another time.


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