Monday, August 26, 2013

Another Flimsy

I came across these blocks a few days ago and stuck them up on the wall above my sewing machine. I had finished 3 of them and started a 4th but decided they were just too time consuming with too many decisions to make. For every round I had to choose the fabric and decide on the width. It was too much thinking at that time and I put them away. When I got them out again and put them up I knew I would finish that last block and make something with the 4 blocks.

After I got home from church today,I decided I would make some fabric and make 2 Anvil blocks to send to Victoria, Bumblebeans, for her stash of blocks for making quilts to give to people afflicted with cancer. I had some pieces stated and I was working from a shoe box of strips, many of them the colors of the blocks on my wall. Only one block there to finish; oh that shouldn't take more than 15 minutes. Wrong!! I worked for hours finishing the one block and then when I sized the blocks one of them was not right. It was a tiny bit too small so I decided to use some spay starch and see if it would make it come up to size. It did, but it was wonky and then I scorched the Kona bone fabric. I cut the center square out of the block and started over.
So here it is; the top right is the block I finished and the bottom right is the one I remade. I liked the quilt when I saw it at FilmintheFridge and if you are interested the tutorial is here. It is really just too much fussing around for me. In addition to all the decisions about fabric and strip width, I got too picky about my strips being perfect ( which they were not even close to).
Tomorrow I will get back to making fabric for Anvil blocks; I was having fun before I got side tracked.

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LynneP said...

I think your quilt came out wonderfully. Your color combination is one I normally wouldn't like but it just sings to me this morning! Well done!